Thursday, April 19, 2012

First Bike

Look who has his first "real" bike!
 Alton's new bike is courtesy of my cousin Matt and his family; this bike is a hand-me-down from their younger son.
 It's a Giant kids' bike with 12" wheels, and currently no training wheels, so Alton needs a supportive hand to keep him steady.
 But he's in love with this beautiful red bike and pedals really well.
 He already owns a balance bike (two-wheeler with no pedals) and a tricycle, so now he just needs to put the two concept of pedaling and balance together!
 Look how much fun it is to learn!

Monday, April 16, 2012


Welcome to We Go By Bike! A family cycling blog chronicling our adventures of where we go and what we do by bike. We try to demonstrate that it is possible to live car-light in the suburbs, even if you have a child (or two). 
We are Fabi and Katie, two friends who live outside of Portland, Oregon in a city called Hillsboro, and we love to ride with our families both for fun and to get around town.  Our blog is a way to lend our support to the family cycling community, and to enthuse about our bike obsessions.
(Katie's family, all decked out for riding in Hillsboro's St. Patrick's Day parade, 2012)
Katie, far left. I am a stay-at-home mom by day and a student in massage therapy school by night. 
Alton, middle, seated.  He is our only child, a four-year-old who attends a local preschool (along with co-author Fabi's daughter, Dani) and accompanies his parents on all their cycling adventures.
Andy, far right. He is a mechanical engineer for a pharmaceutical corporation and a daily bike commuter, as well as all-around transportation and recreation cycling enthusiast. We've been married for seven wonderful years.
We are the Rhynes! We've lived in Hilllsboro for more than four years, having moved from California just after Alton was born. Of all the things we love about living in Oregon, the ease with which cycling is incorporated into the local culture is probably our favorite part. We own one car and love riding our bikes wherever we can.

Fabi, far right.  I am a stay-at-home mom and am a student by night.  I am finishing my bachelors degree in a full-time degree completion program.
Gabriel, middle right.  He is a network engineer in North Portland.  Work is about 20 miles away from where we live, which he commutes by bike on most days and sometimes a combination of MAX and bike.  We have been married since 2000. 
Daniella, middle left.  She is our first born and is four years old.  She attends preschool with her friend Alton, and generally goes by Dani. 
Matthew, far left.  He is our second born, he is two years old, and generally has to do everything his big sister does.
We are the Zawalskis!  We live in the HillsboroOregon a few miles away from the Rhyne’s.  We moved from Southern California to Oregon in early 2008 and started biking again after a long break, when Dani was big enough to fit into a helmet at about 9 months old.  We are excited to explores different ways to use our bikes instead of our car.  We love Oregon’s ever growing diverse bike communities and hope to inspire you to go by bike.