Thursday, August 9, 2012

Missing the Ride

I have a confession to make.  Ready?  Besides my Tuesday bike ride to my carpool for school, I really can’t remember the last time I rode my bike to run errands.  Eek!  No really.  This blog is all about biking and a biking lifestyle and here I am feeling like a phony…a fraud. 

There are 5 adult bikes in my house: a long tail, a street/city bike, a mountain bike, a Brampton, and a road bike and lately I have found myself taking the car everywhere I go.  Where am I going with this?  Well, I guess I wanted to share that even for people who are excited about biking as a lifestyle, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t a challenge sometimes. 

There are times when I’m on the bike and my kids are having a meltdown and wish I just had my car with me so I can buckle them in and take off.  The thought of not having to plead with my 2 year old to keep his hands off the chain while I tell my 4 year old for the 6th time to ‘come here, so I can get your helmet on’, while I figure out how to get the grocery bags on the bike, is just too much to handle.  No screaming toddler rocking the bike while I’m riding on the street.  No frustrating thoughts that I’m not there yet, meanwhile all the cars are flying by and if I just had my car, I would be there already!  Argh!!  As much as I love my bikes…and actually riding them, there are times when these thoughts are all that go through my head.

Yet, when I drive those few miles, a little voice in my head always tells me I should have taken the bike.  Summer is finally here and it will be gone soon.  We live in Oregon for cryin’-out-loud, there is no time to waste.  A brief 2 months of rolling out without having to gear up and I’m totally wasting it.  A little pebble of guilt starts to build up as do all the excuses I give myself for why I chose the car.  Life seems to end up getting in the way, yet the bike is one of the only times I have to escape everything else that is pulling at me.  

I share this just because event though under normal circumstances, I love riding my bike and I think it’s a great way to slow down and take it easy, I also wanted to be honest in sharing that it can be a challenging choice.  Like most things, there are good biking days and there are bad biking days and there are weeks when I just don’t want to do it.  So if you’re thinking about biking sometimes but feel ‘it’s just too much to commit to’, just know that it doesn’t have to be all-or-nothing.  It’s about getting out there and having an adventure…even if it’s a little one.