Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bike Thru Dining!

After a morning of working as parent teacher in Alton's preschool classroom, I was wiped out! I helped little kiddos with their cardmaking art projects, worked to move furniture and transform the classroom into a temporary dining room, and participated in the "Spring Tea," a sort-of May Day celebration for the students and their families, which also occurred just before Mother's Day, a perfect occasion to give out those little cards they made.  Parent teachers are also responsible for cleaning the classroom afterward, so once my turn at the broom & mop were finished and Alton had gobbled down his lunch all the while, it was time to head home for my own midday meal and his nap. The lure of authentic Mexican food on my way home was too much for me to resist, and so I decided to see if one of my favorite little local joints would humor me if I rode up to the drive-thru window on my bike.  The attendant smiled and had no problem with it!  Got my burrito to go, stowed it, and headed for home, without having to do the unbuckling shenanigans with Alton and his little seat. Awesome.

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  1. Ha! I recognize this drive husband and munchkin love their breakfast burritos!