The Hybrid

Trek Utopia Dual-Sport, a.k.a. "The Trek"
Bike Description: After trying for years to be a semi-regular work commuter on his old, heavy mountain bike (i.e., Big Red), Andy put some tax refund money toward a lightweight hybrid bike with disc brakes that would be a comfortable all-around commuter bike, but still have a lockout front fork suspension in case he got an invite to go mountain biking.
Main Rider(s): Andy
Kid carrying options: We purchased an additional Topeak rack, suitable for disc brakes, that is compatible with the Baby Sitter child seat. The child seat can now work on either Andy's bike or Katie's bike, which makes it an easy school pick-up/drop-off swap, if need be.
Cargo carrying options: On non-child seat days, Andy uses a Topeak trunk bag to carry his lunch and change of work clothes to and fro.
Gearing: 28-speed
Most noteworthy trip: In winter 2012, Andy participated in the "Worst Day of the Year" ride, a Portland event that is held on or around the statistically coldest and wettest historical day for weather (hence, the worst day of the year). He signed up for the 45-miler, and got a lot of respect from folks on super-lightweight road bikes for completing the course on his heavier "mountain" bike!
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