Thursday, June 14, 2012

30 Pounds of Shopping

Earlier this week Gabe and Dani were sick with some 24-hour bug, so while the two sickies were taking their nap, Matthew and I decided to head out on the Dummy for an easy-going lunch at the grocery store deli.  While I was walking around, I realized we needed a new bag of cat litter and bought a bag.
Aside from what was supposed to be an easy lunch turning into one of those days when I wonder why I bother leaving the house with my 2-year old, I was sitting there wondering what was I thinking buying a 30 pound bag of cat litter when I’m on my bike?  As the time approached for me to head out, I started getting nervous about loading up my bike.  I was wondering if I was about to fall on my face – taking my child with me. 
I cautiously lifted the bag, keeping an eye on people staring at me like I was crazy, and eased the bag into the side saddle.  It was a perfect fit.  No fussing with it at all, it slipped right in there.  Aside, from the bike pulling a little bit to the left (the side the cat litter was on) we had a very balanced ride back home.    
(A 30-pound Good Mews cat litter bag loaded on Fabi's Dummy)

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