Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Big Red-y

Big Red is ready to go! Andy finished all of his work on his longtail cargo bike, which is a red mountain bike converted into an Xtracycle. After the gears, pedals, and brakes, he installed the rear rack deck and bags.
Eager to take advantage of our ever-increasing bike cargo capacity, we grabbed Big Red and the Bakfiets and took off last Sunday morning.
 We hit the grocery store and adjacent Farmers Market...
...then once finished with selecting our purchases, we unlocked our bikes near the Market entrance amid murmurs of "Wow, look at those bikes," "Pretty cool," etc. We were donning helmets when some friends of ours stopped by to say hello--they said they recognized our bikes right away and knew it was us! What notoriety.

1 comment:

  1. I saw a longtail bike and a Brompton (spelling?) bike at the Hillsboro Saturday Market a few weeks ago and knew it was you guys too. Ha! Not sure if it was Katie or Fabi (it was whoever has the darker zip basket). We all thought they were quite nifty!