Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dani Learns to Balance

For Matty’s birthday we decided it was time to buy him a balance bike.  We searched several different stores and got several different opinions and eventually settled on a Strider balance bike. 
His birthday was two weeks ago and he is yet to ride his Strider bike.  Dani however, LOVES it.  She wants to ride it everyday…in and out of the house.  

On Saturday the guys took off to run some errands and Dani and I got some special Mommy-Daughter time.  It was such a beautiful day we decided to head out – me on foot, Dani on the Strider – and walked about ½ mile to our local grocery store for some dinner at the deli and then another ½ mile to the park.  
This was the first long ride Dani had ever had on Strider so she was still wobbly, but by the time we were headed home; she was putting her feet up and trying to balance!  Now she is addicted even more than  before. 
 I’m such a proud Mama.

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